We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about Remii fireplaces and answered them below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.


Q: Will my Electric Fireplace plug into any standard outlet?  
A: Yes, absolutely, all of our Remii electric fireplaces are ready to plug into any standard 120V household outlet.  Remii electric fireplaces are designed to be simple and inexpensive to install.  
Q: How much space will my electric fireplace heat?  
  Remii electric fireplaces can heat rooms approximately 400 square feet.  
Q: Are electric fireplaces cost-efficient?  
A: Electricity rates vary depending on location. Electric fireplaces are an excellent option for zone heating and on average are less expensive than gas fireplaces.  
Q: Is it safe to move the electric fireplace to another location once it is assembled?  
A: Yes, once the fireplace is assembled it is sturdy and is safe to move.  
Q: Is an electric fireplace cheaper to run than a gas fireplace?  
A: If you do not have an existing gas line, an electric fireplace is probably a the more cost effective option. Also, because gas fireplaces are fueled by gas, they create real flames, while electric fireplaces produce heat with no flame. Generally speaking, a gas fireplace is more expensive to run than an electric fireplace.  
Q: Is it possible to purchase your fireplaces without the heating element?  
A: Most Remii fireplaces have the functionality to operate with the heat on or off. We also have  we have wall mount/built in models that have state-of-the-art realistic LED flames and no heat output.   
Q: How do I turn my fireplace on or off?  
A: The majority of Remii fireplaces come with a remote control. The remote allows you to turn the fireplace on or off, adjust the intensity of flame, and adjust the level of heat (if applicable) that the electric firebox gives off. Most models also have controls located on the unit as well for manual operation.  
Q: Does your fireplace need any venting or a chimney?  
A: No, Remii electric fireplaces are all vent free and therefore there is no need for any chimney, any venting, any gas lines. There is no open flame, and no mess or clean up.  
Q: Do you need any permits to install your electric fireplaces?  
A: No permits are required.  
Q: Can an electric fireplace be installed to replace a wood burning fireplace. We are remodeling and would like to replace the wood burning unit with a Remii electric fireplace.  
A: Usually the determining factor is the inside height.  We make several sizes of height which is the most important number. The trim is just like a gas unit: you hope it covers the hole, and if not, you simply make a backing plate  
Q: Does the glass front of the electric fireplace get hot?  
A: No. The glass front of the fireplace always remains cool and is perfectly safe.  
Q: Is there much maintenance with your electric fireplaces?  
A: The only maintenance required for our electric fireplaces would be to change the standard 40 watt candelabra light bulbs. These usually have a standard life of two years. Every Remii electric fireplace built since 2015 is LED, make sure you get the right bulbs.  
Q: Are your electric fireplaces safety certified?
A: Yes. Remii fireplaces have the ETL Listed Mark or CSA marks, proof of product compliance (electrical, other safety standards) to North American safety standards.

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Blue flame lights will no longer be available on units built after July 01, 2021. The blue light has been replaced with a bright yellow, orange and red light combination to offer you a more realistic flame effect. We reserve the right to modify and upgrade our product at any time without prior notice.


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