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Decision Making Simplified: Remii WM Series Video

With this Remii WM series video, you’ll find choosing the right fireplace for your project or room upgrade will be a little easier. This video shows our different sizes, media, and light combinations.

Imagine your room with this variety of styles, sizes, media, and colours. We hope it helps your decision-making process.

Wall Mount Series

The Remii WM (Wall Mount) series could be the perfect fit for your project. They are efficient, contemporary, and easy to install. Add to that a variety of sizes and you’ve got a winning Remii electric fireplace.

Measure your space, watch the video, and see which one would work best in your room. Note the different media used and the colours. Colour matching your fireplace to your décor can be so much fun!

Ambient Canopy Lighting

The video scrolls through the different types of ambient lighting with the Remii WM series. Choose from a cool light blue, to oranges and reds. The Remii WM series video shows the eleven different colours available. Choose your colours depending on your mood, or the feel of the room. The beauty of it is that you can change it with the seasons, the occasion or even your state of mind.

Colourful Flames

There are three main flame colours: yellow, orange and red. But it doesn’t stop there because you can adjust the flame settings. Each of the three colours has five setting to blend and get the best combination flamescape for your room and decor. The video shows you how these combinations work, which makes t easier for you to decide later.

Beautifully Slim

The end of the video shows how slim these wall mount units are. Contractors and architects love the 4 to 5 ½” depth of the WM series, which makes it easy to incorporate into any room. To make it even easier, all the Remii WM series are hard-wired. They can also be plugged in, thanks to a 72” cord that you can discretely tuck away.

Versatile Too!

As a bonus, the Remii WM series is approved for indoor and outdoor use. There are instructions on page 15 of the manual that will help you to mount your Remii WM electric fireplace outside.

Remii WM-B Electric Fireplace



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