Choosing the right fireplace for the right room is important. Below are some tips, design ideas, and information that may help you decide which Remii electric fireplace to choose for your special space(s)

Why Do You Want a Fireplace?

You need to be clear on the answer. Are you looking for something aesthetically pleasing or is the main purpose to heat the room?

Fortunately this really isn’t that hard a question to answer as all Remii electric fireplaces will easily heat up to 500 sq. ft. All Remii fireplaces also have a hardwire-ready thermostats should you choose one that goes into the wall, instead of hanging on it. For the ones that hang, there’s a handy remote too!

There’s another bonus for Remii electric fireplaces. Should your main concern be to have a fireplace that enhances the room just by being there, we’ve got that covered. You can turn your Remii fireplace on without using the heat option. This gives the desired cosiness without the increase in temperature.

Sizes for Every Room

Remii knows what customers want in a fireplace. They’ve done their research and created a variety of sizes and shapes for darn near every room you can think of. For an added touch of luxury, consider a Remii electric fireplace.

For example, the Remii 35” Extra Slim is the perfect choice for a cozy den or a bathroom.

The Remii WM-100 electric fireplace is a great fit for larger living spaces where the fireplace is the focal point.

Make a long or extra-long fireplace the focal point of larger rooms.

Wall Mounts for Easy Installation

When it comes to ease of installation, Remii wall mounts are the way to go.

The WM series comes in 7 sizes

Remii WM-34 – Electric Fireplace

Remii WM-42 – Electric Fireplace

Remii WM-50 – Electric Fireplace

Remii WM-60 – Electric Fireplace

Remii WM-74 – Electric Fireplace

Remii WM-88 – Electric Fireplace

Remii WM-100 – Electric Fireplace

The WM-B Series comes in 4 sizes

Remii WM-42-B Electric Fireplace

Remii WM-74-B Electric Fireplace

Remii WM-88-B – Electric Fireplace

Remii WM-100-B – Electric Fireplace

Sizzling Three-Sided Fireplaces Design Ideas

There are some rooms that need a three-sided electric fireplace. Remii has those. Their Bay series ranges from a 30” slim to a 72” slim.

When your room demands an open feeling, this is the fireplace to choose. View the flames from the front and both sides, giving everyone a chance to bask in the firelight. These slim designs have a contemporary charm that works well in almost any residential or commercial setting.

When you design your space you’ll be pleased to know that the Remii Bay series looks great on almost any style of wall from brick to plaster.

Remii electric fireplace

Remii’s three sided electric fireplaces are great for open floor plans, rooms with columns and spaces with partial walls. Put one between your living space and dining area and enjoy it from all angles.

Design Ideas for Wood and Media

You can choose different types of media for your beautiful new fireplace. Glass media comes with three colours of embers: clear, harvest and sun tea.

There 14 different types of fireglass to choose from as well as rustic, birch, driftwood and oak logs.Choosing media that’s right for the room gives it that extra personal touch. 

Media design ideas, birch and glass

For more design ideas, watch this great Remii video that shows how the different types of media can change the look of your fireplace. It may help with your electric fireplace design ideas.

Should you have any questions about Remii fireplaces, logs, media, shapes, sizes or anything else to do with Remii electric fireplace, please contact us.

TruView-72 electric fireplace

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